Batik Papua


Batik Papua 1 meter : Rp. 70.000,-(not include sending payment/tidak termasuk ongkos kirim) Bahan: Katun prada/ katun biasa non prada Rp 55.000,- ( 1 meter) *for more information : call/sms : Hp 0852 441 777 57  (septi) email :

Red Fruit Oil

buah merah

Red Fruit or also has a latin name Pandanus Conoideus lam is a special and typical plant or endemic which grow at papua island and one of most population could be seen at Ayamaru, Sorong , manokwari (West Papua).

Red Fruit consists of some high nutrient substances. They are beta-carotene, tocopherol, oleat acid, linoleat acid, linolenat acid, and dekanoat acid. They are active medicine compounds. and also contains vitamis and mineral, including  calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin b1, vitamin c and nialin.

Red Fruits can help the healing process of various desease, such as :

  • – Cancer and Tumor
  • – Stroke
  • – Diabetes mellitus
  • -lupus
  • -High Lupus Pressure
  • -Herpes
  • -Uric Acid
  • -Osteoporosis
  • -Disturbance on Eye
  • -Hemorrhoid
  • -help to increase intellegence.



Zodia is an Indonesian native plantsoriginating from the areas of Irian (Papua), touted to be the ultimate mosquito repellant plant. The plant is around 50 -70 cm in height, used to drive out mosquitoes and other insects from around the plants. This plant contains linalool (46%) and a-pinene (13.26%). Linalool itself known as a mosquito repellent.

The aroma released by Zodia plants is quite fragrant. In addition to providing a distinctive flavor, aroma can also banish mosquitoes from the room.

In addition to effectively drive mosquitoes, scientists have recently discovered other benefits of zodia, such as healing headache, dysentery, and cancer cell killer. The flowers can also be used as liniment for treating colds. From tests conducted for dengue mosquito fewer (Aedes aegypti), by rubbing the leaves zodia to the arm, then his arm is inserted into the box containing the dengue mosquitoes and compared with that arm without zodia rubbed with the leaves, shown that leaves zodia able to dispel the mosquitoes for six hours with brushed power (power protection) for more than 70%.The arms bitten by dengue mosquitoes will also recover quickly (small bump and itch) when rubbed with the zodia leaves.

Sarang Semut (myrmecodia)

sarang semut (myrmecodia)

ant nest has a latin name Myrmecodia pendans. Myrmecodia ia a herbal remedy that can demolish and treat deadly desease and illness. Myrmecodia pendans is a unique plants and inhabited by unique ants which found in Papua land. ant that nest in this Myrmecodia pendans have a unique body shape, this ant have a red head and a black body.Myrmecodia pendans is a kind of epifit plant which grow in the branch and another bigger tree branch, it such as : agae, orchids.

Since 1960 Marthen Heil from Department of Bio Ochesvistry Jmak Plat, Jerman. Had doing riset about Myrmecodia and it found that this plant countain Flavo Glikosida, Folifenol, antioksidan, Frominat acid, and many kind of Vitamin and Mineral which usefull to cure :
– cancer and any kind of tumor
– cardiac disorders, especially coronary heart
– stroke
– piles (hemorrhoids)
– lump-lump in breast
– impaired kidney funktion and prostate
– menstruation and vaginal discharge
– smooth circulation of blood
– lung desease (TB)
– Rheumatism (Gout)
– stomach

using instruction :
– take Myrmecodia 1 ons (100 gram) with 1 litre water, boil it until boiling then filtered and drink regulary every day a mounth.
to preventif : 3 glass a day
to cure : 6 glass a day
– can be boil regulary until the colour be white
– can be drink in a warm and hot condition

not suggested to regulary drink in high dosis especially to people who had a low blood pressure.

mymecodia/sarang semut  1 kg = Rp 100.000,- (not include sending payment/tidak termasuk ongkos kirim)

*for more information :

call/sms : Hp 0852 441 777 57  (septi)

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